Tony T Blum

For Tony the journey to online entrepreneur has been long and winding.  His background is varied to be sure, but end the end he found his true calling and is now fully immersed in his passion of online marketing.

Tony has been part of the home business arena for over 20 years and has been online for 10 years.  But back in the day there was no internet to speak of and the recommended method of working your business was belly-to-belly.   Well maybe if you were a sumo wrestler you might enjoy that, but for most people it wasn't fun.

Fact is,  back then most people quit soon after they started because they just couldn't cope with the face-to-face rejection.  Today, more people still say no than yes, but at least you don't have to endure the personal rejection.

The journey to online entrepreneur began in college when Tony started working with the college radio station doing sports.  He had always been interested in sportscasting growing up and really got involved in listening to his favorite play-by-play announcers and how they described a game, so you could see the game on radio.

Tony majored in Business Administration but upon graduation didn't have a job and wasn't really interested in a 40 year career in Corporate America.  So he turned his attention to radio and landed a job at a small station in South Jersey in a shore community.  He did just about everything, from DJ to sportscasting and even selling advertising.  See, when you're first starting out you don't just get to do sports.  But it was OK because he was doing something he really liked.  Unfortunately, even though he was technically a professional, the pay was so little he still considered himself an amateur.

Then there was marriage which made the financial pressures even greater.  It marked the end of his full time gig in radio.  He decided to become a CPA.  After all, his college major was business so it just made sense.  He passed the 2 1/2 day test and he was on his way.  In a few years he started his own CPA firm and hated every minute.  Tony is a creative person and he considered the day to day monotony to be white collar assembly line work and devoid of any creativity.  So he sold his practice.

After that he got to do something he was born to do.  He did the play-by-play for a  minor league baseball team.  Better yet, they won the championship and everyone got rings that Tony wears everyday.  But there was a recurring problem.  Pay, or lack of pay to be more precise.  So that ended after just on season and it was on to becoming a financial advisor.  More of the same, passed the test, got his licenses and started servicing clients in a major brokerage firm.

All this jumping around from this to that was getting very old.  At some point he was introduced to something called "Residual Income" .  Instead of working an hour or a week to get paid once, you worked once and got paid over and over.  Now that made sense and he was hooked.  But there was a problem.  No one was saying YES to his business and he became the poster boy for rejection.

But that all changed when he stumbled upon online marketing.  Now he could market his product or service to tens of thousands of people without getting beat up and put down by his friends and family.  It changed everything.  Over the years Tony has learned a lot about what it takes to make it online.  Some of that education came with bumps and bruises and some was the result of failure. 

Now Tony is prepared to give you the insights he has acquired over the years so that you can straighten the learning curve.  Internet marketing is full of minefields and road kill.  This is the place and Tony is the guy to help you navigate your way to success without the trial & error most people go through.  We hope you enjoy the ride.

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