The Right-Place Right-Time Moment

Are You A Believer Or A Doubter?

For people who've been around a while, the last 40 years has been one big drastic change.  Think about all the things that have emerged in that time and how they have truly transformed the world in which we live.  No doubt there were other unforgettable moments such as man landing on the moon.  But while that was a moment for the ages, it did not directly change our daily lives in the same way.

Remember the fax machine.  That was the thing that kinda started it all.  At the time it was truly an amazing machine.  Put a document in push a button and presto that same document is received by the person you sent it to simply by dialing their fax number.  Now that was science fiction at it's best.

Soon after email came along and a new form of communication was created.  The internet arrived next and that was the development that really opened the flood gates.  And lets not forget mobile phones that ushered in the age of wireless phone service.  Entrepreneurs with vision became billionaires because they could see the future and how these revolutionary advances would alter the way we live on a daily basis.

There were many companies that got started in the early days of the internet, like Apple and Microsoft.  Soon other names followed like Google, Youtube and Facebook.  Sure there were those who believed in this new technology early on, but the vast majority were doubters.  It took a long time for the non-believers to get on board and recognize that the world as they knew it was becoming obsolete.

Innovation Will Continue To Rule

While it's a fact that a lot has happened over the past 4 decades, it is just the beginning not the end.  Fast forward to today and what has occurred in the last few years.  E-commerce has emerged as the preferred platform to buy products and services and will soon overtake brick & motor sales.  Big retailers have been closing their stores while online shopping is booming.

The world is being transformed into a global digital economy.  But while that is true, the world's economy still has many problems and the economies of many countries continue to struggle.  In many respects the world economy is still recovering 9 years after the collapse in 2008.  And much of that has to do with the currencies of these individual countries or regions and the banking system in general that was an integral part of the 2008 crash. 

Soon after the economy crumbled in 2008 a new digital currency was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto.  It is called Bitcoin.  At the time most people poo-pooed the idea and said it would never work.  The same things people were saying about the internet back in the day.  Funny thing, today Bitcoin is thriving and some say that it's the future of money.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

So what exactly is this Bitcoin thing and what is all the buzz about?  Put simply, Bitcoin is a digital currency that is free from the control of any country or government.  Bitcoin eliminates the need for banks or any financial institutions and individuals can send and receive Bitcoin worldwide with very little if any fees.  In addition, many believe that Bitcoin will change the way business is transacted online.  Bitcoin has been described as the currency of the people.

"You can''t stop things like Bitcoin.  It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust.  World Governments will have to readjust"

John McAfee - Founder of McAfee

John McAfee

Like other currencies, Bitcoin can be traded and returns generated as the value moves up and down.  But most people don't have the expertise to get involved in Bitcoin trading or investing.  So the question is, can people actually profit from the Bitcoin boom without any of that stuff?


A new breed of entrepreneurs have created a unique system that gives average people the ability to capitalize from the Bitcoin phenomenon.  Plus people are able to receive a predictable ROI and have the ability to get paid consistently. 

So here we are again at one of those rare moments like the internet and cell phones.  You know, one of those right-place right-time things.  The digital economy is happening right now and Bitcoin is the currency of choice.  And just as it was back then, some people with foresight will take advantage and grab hold of the untapped potential that Bitcoin offers. Will it be you?

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