How To Retire On 1 Bitcoin

It's A Lifetime Thing

Whether you're young or older, retirement is something that is on your mind.  For most people retirement is a lifetime thing.  It's sorta like having been sentenced to life in prison and being paroled. When you ask people when they want to retire they respond with 55 or 65. But retirement is not an age, it's an income 

But while it takes vast majority decades to retire , there are those who are able to retire at an early age like 35 or 40. However, most of those people started a business based on a new technology and sold it for billions of dollars.  Not something the average person is able to do.

And there are still other people who are approaching retirement after having worked 40 years or more and aren't close to having accumulated the funds they need to retire.  Most people are simply rolling the dice and hoping that their retirement plan will get them to where they want to go and arrive at their destination on time.  But is there a way to accelerate your retirement plan and get there faster?

The New Player

For years the traditional retirement plan consisted of a mix of stock, bonds and even gold.  This is a long term play and you only have minimal control over the outcome.  

Enter a new player called Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is a digital currency that has no central authority and is free from the control of any country or government.  Bitcoin also operates without the need for any middleman such as banks or other financial institutions.  It is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that runs on the internet.

Like other currencies, Bitcoin has a value and people are able to buy Bitcoins and hold on to them.  The hope here is that the value of Bitcoin will increase over time and that has been happening of late. You also have the opportunity to trade Bitcoin on exchanges.  Here positive returns can be produced no matter if the price of Bitcoin rises or falls.  A word of caution as most people lack the skills and technical know how that are required to have success trading Bitcoin.

Retire On One Bitcoin In 5 Years Or Less

So then is there a way to design a retirement plan that incorporates Bitcoin and allows people to reach their retirement goals in less time? Lets take a look and compare a couple of strategies that use Bitcoin in order to achieve the objective of retirement in 5 years or less.

Starting Point Is $6,000 The Value Of One Bitcoin

Price Of Bitcoin

​​​​Year ​​1: $10,000

Year 2: $12,000​​​​

Year 3: $10,000​​

Year 4: $8,000

Year 5: $6,000

Buy & Hold

1 X $10,000 = $10,000

1 X $12,000 = $12,000

1 X $10,000 = $10,000

1 X $8,000 = $8,000

1 X $6,000 = $6,000

Retire Machine (4X)

4 X $10,000 = $40,000

16 X $12,000 = $192,000

64 X $10,000 = $640,000

256 X $8,000 = $2,048,000

1,024 X $6,000 = $6,144,000

The power of the Retire Machine is that it multiplies your Bitcoin (4X) each year to supercharge your results no matter if the value of Bitcoin goes up or down.

So it doesn't really matter if you are young, older or somewhere in between, if you are looking to accelerate your ability to retire, the Bitcoin Retire Machine can give that to you.  A new  breed of financial masterminds have built a system that multiplies your bitcoin and generates unheard of passive returns on complete autopilot.  It's been proven that systems will outperform talent, skill and even genius every single time.

But don't think that this machine is just for people who are looking to retire, because it can work for anyone wanting to grow their resources in a hurry.  

Don't Repeat Back In The Day

We all remember the huge advancements that have occurred over the past 30 years, from the personal computer, to the internet, smart phones and social media.  But most people were slow to accept those changes and even rejected them early on.  

This is one of those moments where another huge economic shift is occurring called Bitcoin. Some are saying it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  You now have the opportunity to capitalize on today's biggest global trend and experience the kind of results you never dreamed possible with this insider system.

You're probably thinking that a system like this would cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  But the best part is that it is FREE to register and set up your own personal retire machine.  

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