Why People Say No To Your Business

Ever wonder why people say no to your business? Remember the first time you sat through a business opportunity presentation?  Whether in person or online,  it probably got you excited and that's exactly what it's intended to do.  It gets the juices flowing and starts you thinking of all the people you know who would be interested in joining your online business.

More times than not that isn't how it actually turns out.  To be sure, some of those people who you initially think of will say yes.  But for most everyone, those yes's are hard to come by and rarely become a reality.

The more likely outcome is that all those people you thought of turn out to be No's instead and the frustration and disappointment soon begins to set it.  The fact is that no matter what the online business is, you'll be getting a lot more no's than yes's.  That's just the way it is. 

Is It You Or The Business?

As the scenario plays out, doubt begins to creep in.  Why all the rejection and is it you they are rejecting or is it the business they are turning down?   People will give you the same lame excuses; no money, no time, hate selling or I don't know anyone.  What drives you totally crazy, is the fact that you know these people and they are either struggling financially or they are successful business people who could do really well in your business.

The biggest reason people don't get involved in your business is not because they don't want time freedom and money freedom because they absolutely do.

It can stress you out because it makes no sense and trying to figure out why people say no to your business has gotten you nowhere.  What is the honest reason?  Is it that they know you and don't believe you have the ability to run a business and be a leader?  Or is it that they don't believe in the business itself, the product or the compensation plan?

How Do You Market Your Business?

Let's face it , there are many ways to engage people and pitch your business.  We already mentioned talking to friends and family or even starting up a conversation with anyone you meet.  But is that what you had in mind when you got involved in a home business? Not likely. Plus even if you are able to have some success with those antiquated methods, at some point you'll run out of people to talk to or just burn out.

Then there is “attraction marketing” that uses the internet to engage people and draw them to you. The online methods of promoting and exposing your business. I’m talking about email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, SEO and on and on.

They all work, but they all have a learning curve and require you spend money, time or both. The big advantage that online marketing has over belly-to-belly is that there is no personal rejection. Even though you’re not getting a yes, at least you’re not getting beat up by your friends, family and others.

So What Is The Reason?

​OK, so exactly why do people say no to your business?  Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with all that other stuff (well maybe a little). But the real reason they are saying no is….Watch the video below to get the answer.

Do you really think that people don’t want time or money freedom? Is anyone going to say NO to an extra $5,000 or $20,000 a month. I doubt it. They are turning you down because of what they will be required to do in order to achieve the success they envision.

The reason people are saying no to your business is because they can't see themselves doing what you are having to do to get them involved in the business.

But when people are given a system that they can plug into, they see a way to reach their goals without all the hassles of chasing their friends and family or being a telemarketer. All the heavy lifting has been done for them.

Here's the bottom line; systems will out perform talent, ability and even genius each and every time, hands down.

If you're serious about your online business and you want the secret for getting results like the big boys, then having a system can provide a big advantage over the vast majority who continue to struggle online.

The real key to getting more people to say yes instead of no to your business, is showing them a way to make real money with something they feel comfortable doing.  They need to be thinking 'yea, I can do that'.  They must be able to see themselves doing what it takes to succeed and systems let them do exactly that.

About the Author Tony T Blum

Tony T Blum has been marketing online for nearly 10 years and has been involved in the home business industry for over 20 years. He is a former CPA and financial advisor and continues to do sports play-by-play for college and high school football and basketball.

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